Eat Pray Nepal Blog: A review of Nepal's only Zoo- Central Zoo of Kathmandu

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A review of Nepal's only Zoo- Central Zoo of Kathmandu

Central Zoo of Kathmandu is Nepal's one and only Zoo. I have visited it many times over the few years and was curious to see how its doing.

So earlier this year 2013, I paid the RS 100 fee(for nepalis only) and entered. I will let the pictures below describe the condition and the zoo. Overall the good news is things haven't worsened. The bad news is things haven't improved much either. 

Definitely the Zoo administration needs to do more to give space to the animals. Looks to be a bit too congested for certain animals that need space. For Nepal this is relatively clean, organized, good.

Overall Rating 7 / 10

   Boat Rentals available

   Children's playground near the animal area. Im sure animals dont appreciate the noise.

   The tiger taking a nap.

   A leopard in what looks like a Jail cell.

   Bears - notice the electric fences inside.

   Small birds - don't they need bigger areas ?

   Small birds 

   Another animal in what looks like a dungeon

   More small birds - same issue could use bigger cages

   Peacock in a smallish area


   This bird wanted to fly but could hardly fly anywhere because of the smallish area.

   A better view of the bird area

   Hawk's or Eagles - regardless I think they need a lot more flying area than that