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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fastest Best Internet in Nepal

If you live in Nepal, and want to get high speed internet, what are your options and the speeds you can get. Luckily since the past few years the internet speeds have improved tremedously. Common internet speeds nowadays are around 512 Kbps. Yes I know it is still slow compared to most other western countries.

From my testing NCELL has the fastest speeds topping around 2MBps in the day, while at night the speeds are unbearably slow and useless.

NTC was slower around 512kbps but the speed was consistent thru out the day.

Overall winner in Nepal NTC ADSL internet in terms of cost, speed, quality of internet.
(see test result below)

Update May 2014- Now with NTC releasing WIMAX for public use, the speeds are much faster. See my review on WIMAX in Nepal.