Eat Pray Nepal Blog: Does India interfere and manipulate Nepal ?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Does India interfere and manipulate Nepal ?

According to the Wiki leaks document, there is a pattern of interference by India in Nepal. Up until the leaks, there has been lot of rumours but no proof.

Also India knowing that Nepal is a land locked country has tried to make Nepal buy Indian products.

See below for more details of the leaks from the New Indian Express news.

The Kissinger Cables, released by WikiLeaks, contain revelations about the Indo-Nepalese relationship during the Emergency, with a cable noting that Indian intelligence agencies have “a capacity for mischief-making in Nepal, and occasionally use it.”

 The October 15, 1976 cable, sent from New Delhi to the Department of State in the US, accuses Indian intelligence agencies of meddling in Nepal’s internal affairs.

Another cable,dated November 8, 1976, revealed the resentment in the region against the Indian government playing a “Big Brother”. According to the cable, in a meeting with US ambassador Marquita Maytag, Nepal’s ambassador Krishna Bom Malla criticised India’s “high-handedness” in the region.

“Ambassador Malla told ambassador Maytag that India sees itself as the successor to the Great Britain in the region and seeks to dominate its neighbours. This, he asserted, explained the strong negative reaction of the government of India to the Nepalese zone of peace proposal,” said the cable.

The cable reveals Nepal’s concerns regarding  India’s extremely rigid position in the trade and transit treaty negotiations. By refusing to facilitate the transit of Nepalese imports through India, India sought to make it so costly for Nepal to import from other countries that it would have to purchase mainly from India.

“Nepalese counsellor Jai Rana observed that this was a result of the increasing concentration of power in Mrs Gandhi’s hands. Once a position was taken, her subordinates had no latitude to negotiate and generally were unwilling to take the initiative to seek new instructions,” read the cable.

Nepal’s permanent representative to the UN Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay had said that his country required good access to the sea, but India did not help them.