Eat Pray Nepal Blog: A visit to Nanglo Cafe - Kathmandu

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A visit to Nanglo Cafe - Kathmandu

Nanglo Cafe is one of the oldest and most popular restaurant in Nepal. 

They have multiple locations but the most popular one is in Durbar Margh aka Kings Palace Road. Infact they have two branches in Durbar Margh, both next to each other. One serves mostly Chinese dishes while the other is Continental and mixed dishes.

The food is great, and the place is always busy with both local and foreign customers. Prices are typically $5 to $10 per dish. For those who don’t know what to order here, I would suggest Chicken Sizzler(see in picture below). If you prefer something more local I recommend a Nepali Thali or chicken momo's. 

Service is average for a Nepali restaurant. However if you are a foreigner or appear to be a foreigner you can relax because you will get great service as Nepali waiters love foreign clients due to their generosity with tips. 

There are more than 14 branches of the cafĂ© within and outside of Kathmandu, making it one of the largest and most popular restaurant chains in Nepal. 

Rating: 9 (stars out of 10)


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