Eat Pray Nepal Blog: November 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dharara the Eifel Tower of Nepal

 Dharara probably one of Nepal's oldest and tallest buildings. It can be found in Sundhara Road of Kathmandu. It used to be taller but an earthquake many years ago caused it to lose some of its height.

For many years it was closed to the public and only as around 2005 it was opened for public. One can pay the entrance fee and climb the narrow stairs all the way to the top. It is popular for both locals and tourists but honestly not too much to see here.

For your viewing pleasure, I have taken some pictures from the top and attached it with this blog post. (See below and click on individual pictures to enlarge)

Updated April 28, 2015 

Sadly the tower has collapsed. Read my new post on the recent earthquake in Nepal

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Police car spotted in Kathmandu Nepal

To be honest, I have never seen a Police car in Nepal until this moment. I had to get a picture of this car proudly parked outside the King's Palace.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Himalayan Java Cafe in Kathmandu - Review

Himalayan Java is a large, western style coffee cafe, with lots of different comfy furniture, free wireless internet, great coffee, good western breakfasts with eggs and bacon and pancakes, lots of magazines, good cabinet food to choose from, and expensive branded coffee and memorabilia. It is located near Thamel on the Second floor so you may have to stretch your neck a bit to notice, if its your first time.

In addition to inside seating, it also has a balcony that looks out over the road, at the entrance to Thamel, and can be a nice place to go to relax, people watch, including the crazy Kathmandu taxi drivers.

If the day is nice and you want equally good coffee and a bit of fresh air, head for the Kaiser Cafe in the tranquil Garden of Dreams right next door (behind the big wall as you head back toward the Tridevi Sadak / Kantipath intersection.

What I also loved about this place that it has a female waitress, and in Nepal a mostly male dominated work culture, its nice to see. The service is fast and friendly and a place to relax and feel a bit at home in the hectic Kathmandu streets.

Even though this place isn't even remotely Nepalese, everyone can appreciate a nice cup of coffee in a relaxing atmosphere.

Rating: 9/10 stars