Eat Pray Nepal Blog: December 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

NCELL Connect Nepal: In-Depth Review

This is a review of NCELL Connect which is a usb device used to access internet with 3G speeds on your computer. This review was done in December 2013. My previous review related to internet speeds was Fastest internet in Nepal for home users was almost a year ago.

Device and How To

For starting out, it is necessary to buy a USB Device (Dongle) that cost about Rs. 3500. Hook it up to your computer and if the software loads up on your screen from where you can launch your internet.

Then I bought a 1 GB data package for about Rs. 800. According to the Staff at NCELL, the max speed is 3.6 Mbps. During my tests depending on the time of day, I got speeds between 0.77 Mbps to 2.90 Mbps Download speeds, which is still the fastest among the ones I tried in Nepal. NCELL connect seems to have faster speeds in the mornings, afternoons and slower speeds in evenings.

Where you can Purchase
Not all NCELL shops have the USB device, the one I got was across the new US Embassy. Also there is a NCELL office in Durbar Margh (Kings way) where I'm sure its available as well. You will need some form of ID and a Photo for application form. The purchase procedure is quick and you can start using the device immediately.

-Fast download speeds during good connection. The max download speed I got during my tests was 2.90 Mbps.
-The device and software is easy to install.
-Load Shedding (power outage) does not affect internet connection (while using laptop).
-The device is portable and has good reception.
-Monthly subscription is not required so it is convenient for short term use.

-Data seems to run out fast.
-Slowdown in speed with other Kathmandu internet providers during peak hours- evenings.
-Without data package it is expensive so make sure to subscribe to a package.

Can you use VPN connections ?
Connecting to a Remote Desktop thru VPN is okay when the connection is good. The Latency is also okay, but again the problem is that it is not consistent and at times the latency does get high making remote access slow. If you need to use internet frequently it is better to get 10 GB data packages. The data does run out quickly.