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Monday, February 10, 2014

African Footballers in Nepal

Football aka soccer for my American friends, is one of the most popular sports in the world. In Nepal, football is probably as popular as cricket however its still not as popular as you would expect.

Competing for the ball
Nepal football is governed under ANFA (All Nepal Football Association) and ANFA has ruled that 3 foreign players are allowed on the field during a competitive game. Personally I think this number should be lowered to 2 as we should be supporting local player development.

Reasons for importing players from Africa:

According to a local football fan, “It’s cheaper for the clubs to get African players because you have to issue a full year contract to Nepali players, which costs a lot of money. Most of the clubs sign African players for the league season only, which costs much less.”

Nepali footballer players cost more

Nepali players have to be paid a minimum of Rs 10,000 per month ( US$ 120) and surely they will get paid more based on prizes and bonuses.

So the clubs try to save money by importing as many foreign players as possible and Nepali footballers lose out on an opportunity. With unemployment rate of 47 percent, can Nepal afford continuing hiring foreigner football players ?

Angry fan rushes to the field

The major football clubs in Nepal are

  • Nepal Police Club
  • Three Star Club
  • New Road Team
  • Nepal Army Club
  • Manang Marsyangdi Club
  • Himalayan Sherpa Club
  • Machhindra Football Club
  • Jawalakhel Youth Club
  • Friends Club
  • Ranipokhari Corner Team
  • APF Club
  • Boys Union Club
  • Sankata Club
  • Sahara Club

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