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Monday, February 3, 2014

Qatar good cheap flight USA to Nepal review

Nowadays there are multiple ways to get to Kathmandu, Nepal from USA. One of the most popular and that is budget friendly is now Qatar Airlines.

While many years ago, most travellers flew to Nepal via Cathay Pacific Air, China Air or Thai Air flying in thru Bangkok, Hong Kong, Japan or Taiwan.

Nowadays, the most popular routes are Qatar Air, Etihad Air, Jet Air and you fly thru the Middle East.
(Reason: Lots of migrant workers flying between Nepal and Middle East countries. Read my review on Nepal Migrant workers)

Qatar Air:
Route: Chicago or Washington DC  to  Doha, Qatar  to  Kathmandu, Nepal
Distance wise, this is one of the shortest with only 1 layover. In addition, this is normally the cheapest airfare and one can expect to pay anywhere from $1300 to $1900. Qatar air is quite good and comfortable with reasonably large choices of in-flight entertainment. The only downside is for flights heading to Kathmandu, there is a approximate 8 hour layover. You can ask the Airlines for a free hotel voucher, they are supposed to give one for long layovers however they never gave it to me citing my 'Promotional airfare'. However you should be able to get a voucher for free meal at the airport. Just dont set your expectations too high for the meal choices.

Oryx Lounge: You can also pay US $40 and relax at the Oryx Lounge. The lounge is on the second floor where gates 7-22 are, across from the Costa Coffee stand. It's free for business/first class. Economy passengers pay $40 each for 6 hours. They do have a snack bar, drinks (although no alcohol anymore), coffee, and sandwiches. There is even a shower but on my recent visit I noticed they didn't have towels available. All in all Oryx Lounge is a nice, much quieter place to relax while waiting for your next flight. Totally worth it if you dont mind the $40. A word of advice, the airport can get busy during certain times and the lounge is also busy and they limit entrance depending on the capacity and you may not be able to get in if you happen to stop by when its busy.

Etihad Air: Major US cities to Abu Dhabi. Price is bit higher than Qatar Air.

Turkish Air: Fly to Nepal via Turkey, very cheap but not recommended because some Nepalese have experienced delays and subsequently had to wait in the airport for extended periods of time.

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