Eat Pray Nepal Blog: This woman left NYC to volunteer in Nepal

Monday, February 17, 2014

This woman left NYC to volunteer in Nepal

Michelle, an american was living in a comfortable life in an apartment in New York City. She had a boyfriend, her own small business. One day she decided to leave everything to volunteer in Nepal. Originally a 3 week volunteer assignment turned into a 4 month stay. Here are some of what she learnt from her experience. You can read the full text at her blog.

1. When you love what you do, the hours don’t matter.

2. Wealth has nothing to do with money.
I saw smiles that could light up universes on workers’ faces. These people would travel days by bus to earn what most Americans spend on one latte. They’d work HARD, for very little, all while maintaining that tremendous smile.

3. Health has nothing to do with going to the gym.

5. Every family has issues
Living under one roof with a Nepali host family taught me no family is perfect. But everyone tries and does their best. I watched families pack themselves into tiny rooms and sleep side-by-side on concrete floors. But their laugh — you could hear laughing throughout the night, from miles away.

6. Wherever you are, be there.
One of the monks asked me, “If there is no night, how can there be day?” If you’re feeling like hell, show up. If you’re scared and anxious and nervous, embrace it. It’s part of your story.

7. Love — real love — has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.with people I cared about. Food was prepared by hand or steamed in pressure cookers.

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