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Friday, March 28, 2014

NTC WIMAX Review - Internet in Nepal

WIMAX is one of latest broadband wireless technologies that is now available for individual customers in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is provided by Nepal Telecommunications Corporation (NTC). It used to be available only for corporate customers but now is available for Individual subscribers.

WIMAX is based on IEEE 802.16 specification and it is expected to deliver high quality broadband services.

You can use an indoor or outdoor antenna. I got the Outdoor antenna for my testing as it is much more powerful compared to that weak and small indoor usb antenna.
WIMAX outdoor antenna unit installed on Roof of house

[See bottom for Speed Test Results and Summary]
Configuration/Management Portal

The RSSI number should ideally be below 70 otherwise it is Not good. Modulation should ideally be in QAM for both Uplink and Downlink.

Speed Test results of 512 Kbps bandwidth package:

Customer Management Tool via NTC website

Available Rate/Tarriff Plans:
Interestingly NTC is not offering an Unlimited package for WIMAX anymore.

256 Kbps             5GB     Rs 650 per Month
512 Kbps                   8GB       Rs 850 per month
1 Mbps or higher   12GB      Rs 1340 per month

WIMAX is surprisingly decent. During peak times (weekday afternoons and evenings) the connection does suffer with high ping rates and slower speeds. Due to the high cost and Volume based usage, for those who live in an area with excellent ADSL connections it may be better to keep unlimited ADSL internet from NTC. WIMAX does offer a strong alternative to competition from NTC ADSL and NCELL 3G.

9 Stars out of 10.


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