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Thursday, April 24, 2014

NTC Nepal WIMAX internet review -Update


Just an update to my previous post on WIMAX internet review. The internet speed depends on the time of the day and during the afternoons the performance seems to suffer a bit. The upload speeds specially suffer and see below screen shot for the poor upload speed. 

Internet speed for upload is bit slow

Voice Communication

Skype: I ran a few Skype call tests by calling overseas and the results were good when the internet was running fine, however when calling from skype during peak internet traffic times such as afternoons results in the other person not hearing you. This is a frustrating as NTC's ADSL internet doesnt seem to suffer from such performance issues in skype.

Viber: In addition to skype, I also tested calls using Viber and the results were much improved. Viber being less resource intensive compared to skype it makes sense to use it in Nepal specially when calling overseas.

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