Eat Pray Nepal Blog: June 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Baudhanath Stupa Kathmandu reviewed

Om Mani Pema Hu

Baudha Stupa is one of the most holy places of worship for Buddhists in Nepal. Every year hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world visit this holy place. For tourists this is a must stop place.

As per Buddhist traditions, you walk Clock Wise around the Stupa and say your prayers. In addition you can spin the Prayer Wheels as you walk.

Baudha Stupa
View of the Stupa from one of the restaurants nearby

After your walk feel free to stop by the many popular eateries along the Stupa. Some of the good ones are Cafe Aria for coffee and snacks, Road House Cafe for pizza, Galleria for everything else. There are some other ones around too but I dont remember their names. For disclaimer purposes, I have no connection to any of these restaurants places named.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nepal Driving license exam questions

Here are some of the questions I saw on my test

-How do you start a car in the winter ?  (multiple choice question)

-What is a Zebra Crossing ?  (multiple choice question)

-What is a motor vehicle and name four types ?  (write short answer in few sentences)

-What is the law for getting into accident without being in possession of a valid drivers license ?     (multiple choice question)

Additionally there were some other multiple choice questions involving traffic symbols such as a Yield, Stop Sign etc. Whatever the case, before you go take your written test, you have to actually read their book.

If you know other questions, please leave a comment.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Getting Drivers License in Kathmandu, Nepal

In any country getting a driving license is not easy but in Nepal it is a pure nightmare unless you are bored and have plenty of free time.

Here are the steps:

1. Goto Department of Transportation in Patan. In case you are not familiar its near Jawalakhel. Previously it used to be in the police department near Singha Durbar. Now you have to go much further just for driving license.

The Driving License buildings you need to find
2. Get the application form and photos, and go from window to window 
    Find a middle-man or middle-woman (Dalal) who will do the application for you and submit it for a modest fee (usually Rs 3000 to 6000).

Do you really want to wait in long lines ?
3. Take the medical blood test and once all paper work is submitted your will get your test date, normally the next morning.

4. Study Study Study because its not like the past anymore. You actually have to study to pass. There is a book available for Rs 100 I think which has over 100 questions. Good Luck.

5. Appear for the written test. The test is in Nepali and has I think 18 Multiple Choice questions and 3 short answer questions. Supposedly there is an English version of the test but when I asked for one, they said No English test and I was forced to take the one in Nepali. Luckily I can read and write Nepali so I was okay. But if you dont know Nepali there is no way you can pass this test in Nepali. I will post questions from my exam in the next article.

6. If you pass, your name will appear outside and you can go take the driving test at the location near the Convention Center.

People practicing motor bike

7. Finally if you pass the driving test, you can proceed and rest of the steps are easy to get the actual license. 

Good luck and hope you get yours in the first try. Leave your thoughts on the Driving License process.

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