Eat Pray Nepal Blog: Baudhanath Stupa Kathmandu reviewed

Monday, June 23, 2014

Baudhanath Stupa Kathmandu reviewed

Om Mani Pema Hu

Baudha Stupa is one of the most holy places of worship for Buddhists in Nepal. Every year hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world visit this holy place. For tourists this is a must stop place.

As per Buddhist traditions, you walk Clock Wise around the Stupa and say your prayers. In addition you can spin the Prayer Wheels as you walk.

Baudha Stupa
View of the Stupa from one of the restaurants nearby

After your walk feel free to stop by the many popular eateries along the Stupa. Some of the good ones are Cafe Aria for coffee and snacks, Road House Cafe for pizza, Galleria for everything else. There are some other ones around too but I dont remember their names. For disclaimer purposes, I have no connection to any of these restaurants places named.

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  1. Loved the eyes painted on the stupa...We went to Swayumbhunath as well....Both were equally awesome!