Eat Pray Nepal Blog: 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Congrats to NCELL, Prague Rajbhandari and Jaya Shah

I'm writing to give my thanks and congratulations to NCELL Nepal for getting FIRST place for companies that paid the Most Tax paid in Nepal for the fiscal year.  What an honor. (Sacrasm intented). May you win first place next year too :)

Below is the text from Kantipur News

Ncell, Nepal Telecom and Surya Nepal topped the chart in terms of paying the highest amount of Taxes according to the Inland Revenue Department.

For Individuals, Prague Rajbhandari was the highest payer of income tax among individual males and Jaya Shah among the women.  

Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel honoured 36 taxpayers (institutions and individuals) for making highest amount of tax payment to the government on the occasion of ‘Tax Day’ on Tuesday.

Among the enterprises operating under proprietorship, Pashupati Trade Link owned by Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commere an Industry (FNCCI) President Pashupati Murarka paid the highest amount of tax.

Among the financial institutions, Nabil Bank, NIDC Development Bank and Narayani Finance were the highest taxpayers in their respective categories.

Apex College paid the highest amount of tax among the educational institutes, while Dr Upendra Devkota topped the list of the medical doctors.

Likewise, CG Food of the Chaudhary Group were among the industries honoured on the occasion for paying more tax.

Deurali Janata Pharmaceutical Company was the highest payer of tax among the pharmaceutical industries, while Norvic Hospital topped the chart among the hospitals. Om Hospital paid the highest amount of health service fee to the government.
The IRD also honoured FNCCI; Confederation of Nepalese Industries; Nepal Chamber of Commerce; Society of Economic Journalists, Nepal; Devel-opment Banks Association and Karobar Daily for helping expand the tax net.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Nepal's first and only Bike racing game on Android | Review

The highly-addicting and extremely fun game that combines driving and skills is now available for mobile users on Android as Bike Racing android app has been released earlier this month of September 2015.

The just released Android app for Bike Racing in Nepal is available on Android gadgets like Nexus tablets, Samsung Tablets and phones. 

The game takes you to the year 2050 and is based on the future where there is no potholes and bad roads in Nepal. Also there is no dust.

Bike Racing Nepal has become a very huge hit amongst casual gamers as it guarantees the players a lot of fun and craziness. Players only need to open the app and start and once they start driving, the fun will never stop.

The game will surely fit those who enjoy passing time, and avoiding obstacles such as other cars. 

The game has a score which increases the longer you can continue without bumping into traffic or obstacles. Well, the goal of the race is to make the players fail, so they should expect challenges everywhere while they play Bike Racing Nepal.

Bike Racing Nepal was first launched in September 2015 with Vertical Apps Now as its creator and developer. The game is currently featured on several gaming websites and has reported a 100% growth rate in downloads daily.

Check it out and see if you can beat my score of 91.

Download the game here from the Play Store.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nepali Users caught on Ashley Madison hack

Nepal Ashley Madison

Hundreds of Nepali's outed on Ashley Madison. This is just a small subset of the data. All names have been blurred for privacy purposes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dentists in Nepal

In Nepal its very hard to find a good dentist because there are so many choices available and and most of them are targeting lower income people. For an average working or middle class person the best way to find a good dentist for your tooth problems is by asking others for recommendations. Ask family, friends, neighbors or coworkers what they like about their dentist. You also may wish to go on the internet and search local dentists in Kathmandu and by their website and looking where they studied, the services they provide.

There are 3 types of dental clinics in Nepal.
a - Basic
These dentists do the bare minimum work and will charge you very low fees. However their standard of care and work may be low as well. Most people who visit them are low income, villagers and the poor who cannot afford to spend much on dental work.

b - Average
People who visit the average clinics are white collared working and office workers, middle class people. These dentists do a decent job at a decent price. The doctors are normally educated in India or Asia and have good work experience as they work on many patients. A standard teeth filling or Cleaning at an "average" dentist in Kathmandu can cost around Rs 1000 - Rs 2000 typically.

c - Premium 
There are a few premium dentists in Nepal and they are typically educated in US, Australia or India. The standard of care is generally very high, clean and similar to western standards. Most of the clients who visit these are wealthy local Nepalese, foreigners and expats in Nepal. A standard tooth filling or cleaning will cost you around Rs 4000 - Rs 6000. Other procedures such as Root Canals, Oral Surgery will easily cost from Rs 10,000 and higher. The prices are high but much lower than getting similar procedures in many western countries.

List of "Premium" Dentists

Healthy Smiles: This is probably the most expensive dentist in Nepal. Most of the clients are diplomats and foreigners who can afford to see the doctors here. They even have a price list available on their website.

Advanced Dental Clinic: This dental clinic is similar to Healthy Smiles but with slightly lower prices. So if you want similar services to Healthy Smiles with a lower price, then go here.

If you know any other good dentists, contact me, leave a comment.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015 pictures and comments

The earthquakes striking Nepal at the moment is a very destructive force of nature. Worse is the aftershocks as Nepal is experiencing one aftershock everyday. It causes fear in people and does not let people move on.

I am sharing some pictures that shows the aftermath of the earthquake. The only good to come out of this is people genuinely helping one another regardless of race, class, language, nationality.

People helping and doctors at work
Volunteers carrying woman for medical help

Before and After of Durbar Square
Building looks like it could fall
This building is leaning on another
Woman is selling flowers
Hard at work selling flowers

Monsoon season has created more headaches for people outside
Animal Welfare organization feeding our Four Legged friends

Monday, April 27, 2015

Dharara collapses Nepal Earthquake disaster 2015

Pray For Nepal - The earthquake on Saturday April 25, 2015 was the biggest to hit Nepal since 1930. The cost of rebuilding is estimated to cost US$ 5 Billion to $10 Billion. Its a huge amount for any country but specially large for a poor developing country like Nepal.

One of the previous iconic landmark the Dhararara tower (Bhimsen Tower) has collapsed taking with it some lives of people who were in it during the quake. 

Dhararara Collapsed in April 2015 during the earthquake.

Picture from before the earthquake

Read my previous review on the Dharara tower and pictures of it from a year ago.

Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Transport a Goat in Nepal

If you are wondering how Not to take a live goat home, this picture can probably help you.

Poor goat on top of micro-bus van

Roller coaster ride on KTM bumpy roads

Sunday, March 8, 2015

CIP Room Service in Nepal's Airport

The picture is a bit funny
If you are ever in Nepal's international airport and want to live the high life try out the CIP (Commercially Important Person) Room Service. Whatever that means, I'm confused.

The TIA Airports website describes CIP as follows

"Available by reservation for business travelers. This is available for Commercially important person who on arrival may wish to rest while someone takes care of their formalities i.e. custom, immigration and collecting of the luggage. You can avail this room after paying Rs 200 per person."

The price sounds not bad. I have never tried this service but perhaps I need to try it out next time.