Eat Pray Nepal Blog: September 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015

Nepal's first and only Bike racing game on Android | Review

The highly-addicting and extremely fun game that combines driving and skills is now available for mobile users on Android as Bike Racing android app has been released earlier this month of September 2015.

The just released Android app for Bike Racing in Nepal is available on Android gadgets like Nexus tablets, Samsung Tablets and phones. 

The game takes you to the year 2050 and is based on the future where there is no potholes and bad roads in Nepal. Also there is no dust.

Bike Racing Nepal has become a very huge hit amongst casual gamers as it guarantees the players a lot of fun and craziness. Players only need to open the app and start and once they start driving, the fun will never stop.

The game will surely fit those who enjoy passing time, and avoiding obstacles such as other cars. 

The game has a score which increases the longer you can continue without bumping into traffic or obstacles. Well, the goal of the race is to make the players fail, so they should expect challenges everywhere while they play Bike Racing Nepal.

Bike Racing Nepal was first launched in September 2015 with Vertical Apps Now as its creator and developer. The game is currently featured on several gaming websites and has reported a 100% growth rate in downloads daily.

Check it out and see if you can beat my score of 91.

Download the game here from the Play Store.