Eat Pray Nepal Blog: May 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016

VIANET is the Fastest, affordable, reliable home internet in Nepal

The consumer choices and quality for internet thats available in Kathmandu, Nepal has improved a lot. Whereas in the past this market was dominated by NTC and WLink, nowadays there are a lot of choices such as Vianet, Subisu, Ncell. 
I tried out Subisu's home cable internet and found it was quite good but I didn't get to test it for longer periods of time. I have also tested NTC's adsl and Wimax. NTC service seems to be good in during the morning and afternoon time but during the evenings the slow to a crawl.

This shows the speed to their local servers in Kathmandu
I had the opportunity to try out VIANET for 1 whole month and can say they provide one of the best internet quality with speed. All the setup and cabling is done by them for free during signup. They have a fiber optic network so its the best quality speed you will get compared to ADSL or Wireless services provided by other companies. 

Tests on Browsing websites, Videos, On-line gaming and VOIP communication

I was able to browse all websites with ease. Pages opened fast and were responding well.

Next I went on Youtube and opened up a few videos. Almost all of them load almost immediately and start playing with no to little buffering. I am impressed. Next I logged into my Netflix account (Yes, now netflix is available in Nepal). I tried to play a few TV shows and Movies. The results were quite good. It takes a few seconds after you hit the Play button, but once it loads, the videos from Netflix were streaming at HD quality without stopping to buffer. So that means you could watch even HD quality movies from Netflix. 

To test online gaming, I logged into Steam and downloaded Team Fortress 2, a multi-player realtime first person shooter game. I was able to play the game with no lag. The gameplay was smooth. Very good.

Internet voice and video chats via Viber, Skype seemed to also perform well with little to no disruption. 

VIANET also provide customers with an app where you can monitor how much internet bandwidth you have consumed. My only concern with VIANET is how they measure the data consumed. It seems to be a bit on the high side. I was getting an average of 1 GB daily consumption with just regular internet usage. That cant be possible. However they are quite generous with their packages that even with 1GB per day you would be under their usage limit, so you should be fine. (I need to double check this)

Overall I was pleased with the quality of VIANET's performance.  

Here are the speed test results showing that the performance is good.

Speed while browsing the web for most websites

As you can see from the screenshots, the Download and Upload speeds are quite good. The ping is also around 60 - 100 which is good for real-time online data exchange. 

The pricing starts at Rs 14,820 for 1 year service with 840 GB data of High Speed data (2Mbps) and unlimited Slower internet(512 Kbps). So if you calculated it monthly your cost comes to Rs 1235 per monthly with 70GB data of high speed included monthly. 

Rating 9 / 10 
(I deducted 1 point for them not counting the data usage properly)