Eat Pray Nepal Blog: December 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

A rant against Google Chrome - a bloated web browser in 2016

I was a regular user of the internet and have used Google Chrome as my main web browser for the last five or six years. But over the years I have noticed I have gotten tired of the sluggishness and the constant background updates. 
Chrome leads market share in December 2016

Chrome with tiny market share in 2009

Background updates
Yes Google Chrome web browser updates itself in the background without your knowledge and you cannot stop it. There are many so called work-arounds designed to stop Chrome from auto-updating but the reality is none of these methods work. I have tried using various methods such as updating the Chromes registry entry to stop it from updating to implementing a firewall rule to stop Google Update as well as actually deleting the actual Update file. Despite all these measures I was not able to stop it. Somehow it finds a way to update.

These updates are good from an IT security perspective but Chrome itself has become really big and bloated over the years.

Google Spying on users ?
All web browsing done on Chrome is reported to Google and your surfing records are stored. Some people think Google might be spying on people, but I think it may mostly be used to see peoples browsing habits and probably not for any nefarious purposes.

Limited Data 
These auto updates are worse for people in developing countries such as Nepal with limited internet bandwidth. The consumer internet in Nepal is slow by modern standards and is not unlimited bandwidth which could result in extra unwanted data consumption.

Its time to move on to other web browsers if you are concerned about having privacy choices and not being forced into updates.

I will write another post next time on some alternatives such as Firefox, Opera, Chromium and others.